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#220429 - At 10:30 Kevin told are guest that we where tired and it was time to leave and he said being funny you don’t have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here everyone laughed but they did start leaving we said are good byes and they gave us there blessings and then the last guest was out the door and we sign in the piece and quite of our own home. With his free hand he grabbed his cock and put it pass the lips of my pussy and to the entrence and he worked the head in till he felt my cherry he pulled back and thrusted in fast and then let my pusst ajust to his cock and then he pulled out and thrusted again by this time i was screaming for him to stop but it fell on deaf ears as he pulled out again and thrusted even hard and faster i was trying to get him off me he stopped and got off of me and went in to are closet i thought he was done but boy was i wrong he grabbed a box and brang it to the bed and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and hand cuffed me to the head bord and he go

Read Whore (C93) [PONDEMIX (Yukiguni Omaru)] FGO-MIX -if- (Fate/Grand Order) - Fate grand order Hard Core Sex FGOif-

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