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#73488 - It had been a grueling trip, four cities in three days, and it felt good to be home! The cab stopped in front of his split level, and Fred was in such a good mood he tipped the driver and extra tenner!!! He couldn't wait to get inside and give Sylvia the good news about his trip, big sales to two of his regular customers, and a pretty nice one to a guy he had been working on for over a year! As he strode up the walk to his front door, he was a little bit puzzled that the house was dark, it was only ten p. Home a day early, he thought to himself, boy will Sylvia be surprised to see him! He grabbed a hack in front of the terminal and gave the driver his address in Northbrook, an upper middle class suburb twenty miles north of Chicago's loop. Knowing that to resist was futile, Fred tried to relax his muscles to allow easier entry by the invading black shaft, and much to his surprise, the more he relaxed, the more turned on he became!!! Here he was, fucking his wife's

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Jun aoi
Mmmm the way she massage those balls while moaning wowww sexy sucking his dick so good her gum came out lol
When will you be doing this again