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#192725 - She expertly sucked my cock, if l didn’t have her pussy wedged on my tongue l would have told her to show her daughter just how to suck a cock like she was doing, Molly was blowing my mind as well as my cock. I went to my room and glanced into the corridor and notice Jodie’s door was ajar l could see her reflection in a long mirror, she was dressed only in knickers and bra and her figure looked pretty good from where l was sitting, l was unable to take my eyes off of her as she moved back and forth passed the mirror her large breast held up and together by her bra, only if l had been in my room 20 minutes earlier l could have seen her nipples, l got a twitch in my groin and moved my cock to a more comfortable position at that moment Jodie glanced into my room to see me with my hand down my pants, she grinned, l quickly ripped my hand out she winked and shut her bedroom door, by the time l had showered and dressed the incident of the bedroom had been forgotten. As l ate Molly’s lovely

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Was at a party a few years ago and had a young black guy do this to me i was totally turned on by the rough action something that was never done to me before i want to do it again loved having his ass pushed hard into my face
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It was so hot