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#87845 - You will be watching “Daddy” and his friends with Heather and you will be so turned on you will have your own gang bang with these guys – you want to feel physical pain to equal the emotional pain you feel at being left out so you beg them to be rough – you get what I mean?” “Sure – I get off on pain – I want them to be rough – but not violent – we save that for Heather – right?” “Wow you really get this don’t you – yes you will all gangbang Heather and yes it will get violent – really violent – the most violent -are you going to handle that?” “ I will show you how well I can handle it” I brought his hand down to my dripping cunt and forced it inside. It really did look like a small child was getting gangbanged by lots of very big older men. People were masturbating everywhere and I got the cue to start my own gangbang for the camera.

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