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#80117 - My fist time My name is Samantha Ashley Conway and this is the story of my first time, all my life my family was very open about sex mainly my older sister Melissa she was always talking about sex have sex or watching sex, sex had her first time when she was like 8 or 9 yeas old, I was nearly 11 and hadn’t done it once. I had spied on Melissa while see was having sex and I masturbated watching and thinking that was me in there getting fucked hard in every hole of my body like my sister was and Melissa made at lot of noise but she use to have one guy that made her scream like she was been murdered, she would scream like she was been fucked with a knife and I had seen a lot of Melissa other guys dicks when I had been watching from the shadows but this one guy Raymond Norman till this very day has the biggest dick I had ever seen. I could feel something it felt the size of a golf ball banging against my pussy lips I didn’t know what it was but I thought there was no way it could f

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